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About Kaye

Kaye and Duane Davis
Karetha (Kaye) Davis, a native of Roanoke, Virginia, attended Knoxville College and Kent State University.

While at Knoxville, Kaye met and in 1969 married Duane Davis. They began their music teaching careers in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Kaye retired from the district in 2009.

Kaye has directed children's choirs at schools, churches and conventions. She was the founder and artistic director of the Grand Rapids African American Youth Chorus (GRAAYC).

Grand Rapids African American Youth Chorus


For the past 35 years, she has maintained a private piano studio: teaching children through adults.

Kaye Davis
  • Kaye maintains a membership in the Piano Forum of Grand Rapids, St. Cecilia Music Center and the Michigan Music Teachers Association.
  • She plays the flute and the piccolo and is a member of Opera Grand Rapids Chorus, sings annually with the Symphony With Soul Community Chorus and serves on the advisory board of the Grand Rapids Symphony Legacy Committee.
  • Kaye has served as the accompanist of the Shir Shalom Jewish Community Chorus, served as co-chair of the Interlochen Arts Academy parent board and annually presents a piano recital, with her students.
  • She has sung in two productions of Porgy and Bess with Opera Grand Rapids.



"Mr. and Mrs. Davis, thank you for all that you've done for me as an "aspiring musician." I honestly don't [know] what I'd be doing in college for pursuing a career if it hadn't been for your encouragement and musical guidance. I'm so grateful that [you] saw a gift that God had placed in me and [you gave] it the chance to grow."

Lisa, Dave & Auden

"Kaye, music is such a gift, and by giving that gift to Auden, you have brought music into our home. This is a small, and belated, thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful summer."


"Thanks for a great year of piano! Merry Christmas Mrs. Kaye :-)"

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Our Children

Kaye and Duane are proud parents of three children. Both boys are graduates of Western Michigan University. Their daughter received her education from Washington University, Brooklyn College, Universitat Tubingen (Germany) and University of Munich (Germany).

Our Children
  • Pianist, Xavier, teaches jazz piano at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. He also tours and is a recording artist.
  • Drummer, Quincy, teaches jazz drumming and is a touring recording artist.
  • Daughter Erica, is a school administrator in the New York Public Schools.

Duane and Kaye also have four grandchildren: Joshua, Isabella, Leo and Lucia.